Darwin Male Escorts Profile Writing Tips

Male Esorts Sydney Woman Pointing to Sydney Male Escorts Profile

Put yourself in the shoes of the client hiring you!  What makes you quirky and unique?  What would make them read on/book your services?

Write like you talk. Try recording your introduction on your phone and listen back to it to help you write your profile.

Ask a friend for help: Get a friend to help you write your profile. Sometimes they know you better than you know yourself.

What makes you interesting or different? Consider including action shots of you doing some of the activities you love because pictures tell 1000 words eg playing sports, a musical instrument, taking photos etc.

Tell the reader about your education, training and previous career if it will enhance their experience and/or spark an interest in you e.g. masseuse, personal trainer, chef, musician, artist, acrobat, etc.

Paint a picture in words of their potential ideal date would be for you and the client – what sort of service will be on offer and what will make the experience unforgettable and leave them wanting more?  For example, are you an excellent communicator with a quick wit and charm and therefore will be an excellent companion for a work event and/or are you a romantic, passionate lover or an excellent listener etc?

Have fun with your profile and try to incorporate your personality and sense of humour into your writing.

Spell Check your work:  Clients will be turned off by poor grammar and spelling.

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